Avatar Battle Challenge (ABC) #6: New Deadline: Sunday!

The rules here are pretty similar to the last one, that worked out so well. New rules will be in bold for those of you that remember the rules from last time.

Anyone who wants to compete just has to PM an avatar to me by SUNDAY NIGHT (11/06/05). The voting will begin on Monday morning. That give you a little over a week to come up with an entry. Once I’ve collected all the avatars, I’ll post them, and the judges will choose their 3 favorites each, and rank them 1, 2, 3. Scores will be tallied, and the winners will receive prizes.

The top 3 avatars in EACH category will be receiving 1 month of prem each. If there is a tie for 1st or second, then 3rd place does not get a prize. If there is a tie for 3rd…I’ll think of something.

Here are the rules:

1: It must be a new avatar. Do not PM me an avatar that people have already seen, or you will be disqualified. This means that you are not allowed to show the av around before the battle starts in a week. They should all be unveiled simultaneously at the start of the comp. (Because there was a problem with kensavenge at one time, I guess I have to clarify: Only submit your own work. That means an avatar that YOU MADE, dummy!)

2: No artists are allowed to reveal to anyone which avatar is theirs. Any artists caught leaking such information will be disqualified. Of course, some styles are recognizable, so some judge recognition is inevitable. You may bounce ideas off of someone, but please do not make the av public until I unveil them.

3: No one is allowed to wear an av in the competition until AFTER the voting is completed.

4: One avatar per category per artist, please. This means you can each enter 1 still avatar, and 1 animated avatar. Minor animation may be accepted in a still avatar, but it’s completely at my discretion.

5: The avatar must be within premium-size requirements. That means the maximum size is 160 x 100 and 48.8 kb. Or actually slightly larger than that, as long as SRK allows you to upload it as an avatar. Feel free to make anything smaller than the max if you like. You will not be docked points for this.

6: No pornography or innapropriate material. You guys know this…(Swearing is A-Ok!)

7: You can submit as many times as you like. That means if you submit an av on Saturday, and then change your mind and decide to submit a different one on Monday, go right ahead. You can make revisions, changes, or just enter a completely different avatar. I’ll use whatever one you send me last. Just make sure you have your final submission in to me before the deadline.

Hail And Kill
Spooty Whiteboy**

**Because I just got Soul Calibur 3 and am loving it, I wanna do a SC-ish theme (sorry for those of you asking for a halloween theme, we just did Darkstalkers…use one of those) But since SC is a bit too limiting, here’s what I’m gonna do. Since SC is a weapons-based fighter, the theme is WEAPONS. Use any kind of weapons you like. Be creative!

However any entry with a soul calibur theme gets a free point.**

Here are links to the judging threads of all 5 previous battles:

ABC #5 - Street Fighter
ABC #4 - Darkstalkers
ABC #3 - Sprite Commercials
ABC #2 - Booty/Boobies, Sprites, & SRK
ABC #1 - Trial & Error


^^^Ha, classhic:clap:


changing that right now…


Okay, I’m in this one too. Haven’t made avs for so long, it’s getting fun again.

i’m brainstorming as we speak… this one is gonna be interesting :wgrin:

He wears my still from av battle #5.

Thanx, quiche.

Almost as good as winning the 2 bucks of premium swag.:cybot:

I don’t care what anyone says, ROBO, I love this av…and the fact that you made tha handheld device yourself…blows my mind!

But haven’t you heard? Premium is $3 nowadays. Wiz raised the price when we switched to the new version of vbulletin.


when you say use weapons, is this any sprite/character that wields a weapon (my ava for ex.) or is it like “hey heres a Avatar of Ninchucks”?

Also can you be specific of what these judges are actually judging/looking for?
Before in the past battles there was a set of areas that where looked upon. In the last battle it just seemed like, there was no basis. Which is fine, if thats the case I think letting some of us know we are being judged on what looks pretty to the judges will be good. I might need to backtrack my words abit and just suggest that avatars be judged on what appeals to the judges, not in which is familar to their “style” or the amount of time taken to make one.

Weapons means whatever you want it to mean. The av you’re wearing would be a fine entry. Actually, I’ve already gotten a couple entries that both take “weapon” and “soul calibur theme” a little loosely. This is all about creativity, and I won’t disqualify an av as long as there’s some sort of connection.

Hell, I let <JonnyQuest> enter an “Amingo-holding-a-can-of-V8” as “Street Fighter”

be creative. you don’t have to take the theme literally.For all I care you could have an av of a big fuzzy pink duck with the word “wepin” written in timy pixels in the bottom corner.

As for the judging, I don’t even know who the judges are gonna be yet (I have 1 so far). I’m not gonna give them criteria to use, because frankly, they don’t follow it anyway. Hopefully, they’ll be judging based on style, technique, and content.


I’ll judge~


I hope I’m understanding the rules correctly…weapons theme, but weapon + SC theme gets extra consideration. Is this essentially correct?

I could never judge in these battles.

I like everything.

EDIT: As most of you are aware…my dumb ass misspelled “Makoto” in my animated avatar…I’m curious, is it against the rules for a judge to inform a contestant that he has a typo in his avatar or some other obvious error located in his/her submission?

Reason I ask, I made it up in a hurry…because I actually had no plans to do battle five untill I recieved a pm about entering, however…I did get it in a full 24 hours ahead. Why not PM me and say: "Hey stoopid, its “Makoto”, not “Makato”!!!

I mean, If the av battle was for a Guilty Gear av, and I turned in a Street Fighter av…would you still let it go out and get a “ZERO”? Or would you pm me and say “Hey fucktard, its GG…not SF”! At the very least, the av should’ve been disqualified and not shown.

I was just wondering.

The experience certainly was embarrssing…or was I just set up for comedy relief?

Thank you.

I’m going to change my name from “ROBOTRON” to “Typo Terror”.

okay my still and animation is in…
i will be busy all week, so i stayed up day and night working on them til they were finished…
good luck everyone…

Well, here’s what happens. The judges don’t actually see the entries til I post 'em. I’m the only one who sees tha avas prior to the battle date. And as many of the artists know, if there’s something wrong with an ava, or it doesn’t fit the theme, or it’s too big or something, I’ll let you know (hopefully in enough time to fix it). The thing is, I didn’t notice the typo. I’m sorry. I’ve been trained as a speed reader, so sometimes, especially when text is scrolling by very quickly, I don’t notice spelling errors.

Also, minor errors like the “Hame” thing sometimes go unchecked not because I don’t notice them, but because I don’t have the time (or the PM’s-I just had to clear my pm box yesterday because I had over 170 PM’s pertaining to ava battle #5!!) to talk to every artist that enters.

That said, if any artists WANTS my feedback, please ask for it in your pm, and I’ll be happy to give my opinion(s).


May i judge?

Ok, cool. Thank you.

if you’re not planning to enter an avatar this time, by all means!

And no, Chibi, you can’t judge this time. I want an all-new panel.


(That means I have 2 judges. I need more! Step up, folks!)

Let me be a judge please, i suck and am never entering one of these again :sad:

but yeah, ill judge this time if thats cool

I won’t enter this time.
I’ll be a judge. I know nothing about SC…so…yeah judge.

ok H&K and Nighraid are judges too.

I’m looking for 2 more…