Avatar Battle Challenge (ABC) #6: New Deadline: Sunday!

I’ll take a judge spot this time if ya need me.

Ok, spoots.

That leaves 1 spot open.

I’ll update the first post with judge and prize information as soon as I get that last judge.


Could you make up your damn mind with the judges Quiche? Seriously you’re like the kid with legos who keeps building a tower only to knock it down, repeating the process ad nauseum. I don’t see why you NEED a new panel, but if that’s how it is then I’m disappointed.


If SRK is down thursday, use bkd.net as a backup site to continue the contest.

Don’t want server issues to slow up the challenge.

So we’re gonna be there then if SRK isn’t up & running by Wed/Thurs or whatever?
I’ll put that place on my favorites, just in case.

I’m perfectly fine on the other end of this monitor buddy, I’m just getting a bit peeved at how quiche has yet to fully establish a firm base with these wars, come week in week out. I don’t see why he changed the judges this time either, I don’t recall anyone complaining.

Well, Chibi, I like to try a new thing or two with each battle. I’m not sure it should be the same judges each week…then it becomes a matter of playing up to certain judges rather than just doing your best avatar.

And actually, I received a number of complaints via pm. :P. Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


EDIT: Also, I’m not sure if I’m gonna postpone due to SRK’s technical difficulties or not. One one hand, I appreciate Rei’s offering Bust Karate Dojo, but SRK’s pm system is the way I talk to artists and receive the entries. On that note, anyone wanting to submit write down my email address so you can submit to me even if SRK is down.


Cool cool i cant wait to see these avatars. I woulda made one but i dont have any ideas :(.

Hey Quiche, check PM.

Hopefully SRK will be up and running by Wednsday.

wow mad cuz ur not a judge…take it easy

right now I’ve only gotten 7 avs, and I have a feeling it has something to do with SRK being down all weekend.

If I don’t get a bunch more avs today and tomorrow, I’m gonna postpone ABC #6 to give atrists more time (especially those who haven’t been on srk in a few days and are only finding out about the contest now).

I’m not sure how long I’ll postpone it for, though. Weekends are bad for me, so I’d prolly postpone it til Monday of next week. What do you guys think?


you mite have 2…

i’m on DSL and this Sloooooooow loading is killin me, fo’real.

i really wanted to see a battle on wensday since that’ll be my b-day but, meh, fuckachunkz…no, fukacrunchynestlesnipes…

I’d say just run with the darn thing for wednesday, then set up another one for the following week. SRK is going to be down for a while and I’d hate for the people who submitted having to wait until fucking next week to get results.

Also you might want to set up a temp internet site or suggest an alternative forum to host it until SRK is more stable.


Rei suggested BKD for you guys.

which is probably the best idea.




I still might postpone the contest if there isn’t much turnout (i. e. at least 10 avatars in each category), but as a backup, if SRK is down, we’ll do it at bust karate dojo as Rei has offered.

I’ve gotta get an account there now…


EDIT: Ok, I’m all set up. If anyone wants to submit an av to me and srk’s down/buggy, pm it to me at bust karate dojo instead…I’ve got the same sn there.

Keen idea. SNK Capcom: Revenge isn’t very busy these days…


EDIT: Oops, I see someone already found an alternative site.


quiche did you get my still?
oh and sorry for the unthemed entries… maybe i’ll start reading instead of just going at it like i used to do in school work…

i wont be in this one guys, and also, this was quite possibly my last opportunity to enter these challenges.

that’s all she wrote. unless… these things remain even up until next summer.