Avatar Challenge Battle - Vote Now!

Ok…here we go.

Everybody, vote for your favorite. The winner gets 5 dollars.

Here are the entries:

Thirdstrike Yun by Shim Sang Joon:

Training Sean by Nastradamus:

WTF Ken! by BIG BEEF!:

This Looks Like a Job For…! by DarkGiygas:

Shin Sho-Bullwinkle! by givequicheachance:


i dont see OC’s Av

Thirdstrike Yun by Shim Sang Joon:
i wouldve liked that a lot more if SSJ did a lot more.
great job man :tup:

Training Sean by Nastradamus:
great idea! :karate: i wish that there was just a tidbit extra added. i honestly dont know what but that was excellent man. keep that shyt up :tup:

WTF Ken! by BIG BEEF!:
cute, but in all honesty…i didnt get it :xeye: …great job anyway. :pleased:

This Looks Like a Job For…! by DarkGiygas:
somebody was holding back… :rolleyes:

Shin Sho-Bullwinkle! by givequicheachance:
i’m sorry but this av was the best :clap: . i didnt see this one comin’ at all!
if i had to change anything about this one is -SHIN-SHO-BULL-KEN.

SIDE NOTE: where’s OC’s :confused:

I need more votes people :smiley:

It’s not about amount of work put into it or impressive
animation for me.

I think alot about composition and colors in my avatars
and go for simplistic style over cheese :wink:

OC never turned one in, but I included him in the poll anyway, because he’ll probably get votes even without an entry.

EDIT: see?


:confused: WTF!?!?!?

I just voted for Dark Giygas and when it showed the results it still shows 0 votes!

For some reason It didnt count my vote. :sad:


I’ll adjust the votes when I tally them to give DG an extra one, OK?


shit, ill vote for that over my own lol… if thats not against the rules :confused: , i really like the style, nice work :tup:

but the Shin Sho-Bullwinkle is really good too, you always have the best comedy in your avs :tup:

vote for whoever you want, Nas.

I can’t tell who voted for what anyway.



edit- i dont get “wtf ken” either, please explain lol

co-sign. I didn’t want to be the first one to say anything tho.

And seriously, The fact that BIG BEEF! even entered an av means he deserves some mad props. All four of you do.


The chicks are all looking at Zangief with hearts in their eyes. Then it goes to “WTF Ken?” Then to Ken with hearts in his eyes.

So, basically, Zangief is wondering WTF cause Ken is crushing on him.

At least that’s what I picked up.



even with that i’m still confused

also isnt Zangief actually gay?!

i dont know anymore…

Good eye. I think I liked the avatar better when I didn’t understand what was going on, though. =]

Anyways, DGs is the best imo.

DG > Shim = quiche > BIG BEEF > Nas
No disrespect towards anybody. GJ guys.

DG. Eventhough I like quiche’s better. Beasted

My vote is for the quiche. But I also less than three OC.

i wonder whos gonna win :xeye: lol. but seriously, mad props to u quiche, looks like ur gonna take this one :tup:

lets not give quiche a chance… GO SHIM!

LMAO well yea well what i was trying to do is make it be like wtf why is ken looking at me also lol oh well i tried lmao