Avatar Challenge

Look at my av. Done from manga (black and white), I coloured it, PsychoSquall perfected it. I don’t have time to colour it anymore, but can someone do the same but for the pic on the right? http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/402/14-15/ coloured, and tears animated like that? It would be much appreciated. :bgrin: PM me if anything.

This seems like too much work, I guess I pass

Damn, never knew you coloured the av yourself…

I’ll colour it, and whoevers down to improve the shading and add the tear animation will get tons of <3 and e-hugs. I’ll post when i’m done.

And rep from me. :encore:

What’s up bitches? I coloured it, critiques welcome… whoever wants to make the av i’m thinking:

have sasukes tears animated ala my current av. I proposed the idea of adding itachi in somewhere, but think it would be too much.


Ill animate it for u.

Check PM Monkeyspank.

got cha.

check pms dude.

Postem up here.

Hmmm, i’m feeling the third one. Thanks spank, DDC should hook you up.

Hey Dude… i’m feeling the third one the most but if you have time could I have an edit?

What i like:
The tears look sick
It’s darker, looks sick

not feeling the red underneath his eyes
The placing of the picture… I wanted to see more of his wrinkles on his forehead/eyebrows, sides of his coat, and chin… basically i want to see more of him but not TOO much otherwise tears won’t stand out.

if it’s possible, do your thang playa. gangster, west side represent.

K i took out the redness and made more of his head visable. If i shrunk it smaller it would look meh.

Nvm i just had to restart heres another version.

feeling the first one. props.