avatar contest

ok heres the deal im hosting a avatar contest and here are the rules. choose a avatar to enter but it can’t be anything sexual ok? anyway it can be animated or non animated, oh, you must pm your entry to me so i can put them on there. then once the entry’s are end the person who i choose to move on will go on to round 2. then thoose who make it out of round 3 will make it to the final 3 then who ever wins round three will be the winner, so sign up now!!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You don’t give up do you? :shake:

There’s no incentive to win. Offer premium or something, then people might enter.

Requesting IP ban.
Reason - not learning

I second that :tup:

what’s IP?



^^ He looks like the fat guy from Penn and Teller.


sorry but this is all i got to do around here ok? you don’t have to dis me ok?

Do you realize that the stuff you post around here is stupid beyond belief?

SRK is ALL about flaming! holla!

I’ve seen stupider.

^^^ you have? I didn’t know it was possible. Could I see what you’re talking about?

You weren’t here when that SSJAsianboy guy or something was around?

Nah, I just joined last month. Was he banned?

I forgot, I only remembered he started the stupidiest threads in the GD section.

That guy was hi-larious!

But, I think kensavage is a tad stupider.

That’s him.

@ kensavenge: Please go away.

shut up

hey shut the hell up, you guys got probs with treating people with respeact.

We’re just sayin you ask for too much in such a short amount of time. As Kanye West said it best, drive slow, homey. I’m tryin to keep u from gettin banned.

Take it slow dude. And to the people on this thread, I do agree with you he is a little irritable and he asks for too much, but he’s a newb to these forums. Hell, he came in THIS MONTH!!! Trust me, its fairly easy to get good rep around here, but CALM DOWN…don’t rush to get people to see ya man.

This is probably your last chance dude…

You gotta EARN your respect. In the past week, I’ve seen WAY too many requests from you, and what do you give in return?