Avatar Edit Request

Is there anyone who can slightly modify my avatar for me? Just to do these little quick edits.

-have the bison sprite changed to a sprite of him “painting the fence” in cvs2 facing the right
-have sentinel facing the left shooting a laser, but it only going to the point where bison “paints it”
-adding a small little border around it
-maybe making the background a little different, maybe something purplish?

sorry im really picky

please, thanks in advance if anyone can do that.

purplish:lol: :lol: :lol:

What you are asking for is not an edit… its a new av… i think you need to realize that what your asking for will not happen…

like cham said, you are asking for a new av. we can’t edit stuff like that, because we don’t have the original file. if we did, then it wouldn’t be a problem, cuz all the layers would be there. the best thing is to either ask for a new one (as long as you’re not within the 2 week limit), or ask the dude that made taht one to fix it

I’m the one that did the original. I can probably upload the psd file for anyone who wanted to try and fix it, but I’ve done all that I’ll be doing all with that av already.

post it… i will look into this but i can not guarentee that i can get to it now… but i will work with it…

Hope this works…


Anyways, may you have better luck with it than me. :slight_smile:

how about something like this?