Avatar Fighter Online


Hi all, just a note to let folks know Avatar Fighter Online was released today and available in the XBOX Indie Game section for 80 MSP ($1).

What is it? Basically can be described as a mix of Mortal Kombat / Street Fighter with your xbox avatar as a fighter. You can choose what special moves your avatar will use (2 regular, 1 super).

I hope this is okay to post here, if it’s not I apologize in advance!





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Where are the Street Fighter "clones"?

I downloaded it today, there are some interesting stuff in there. Haha sure is for kicks but the game is well done. A bit of controller work could help it a bit.

Any info on the programmers?


Thanks for trying it out! What kind of controller work do you mean?

For programmers, well there’s just me :slight_smile: I took a year of computer science at the university a long time ago, and have been programming xbox indie games for the last few years for fun. It has been pretty much a one person project for the last year, with some help from playtesters. I’ve been working as an artist in mostly mobile games for some time now, so I was able to do all the art/animation as well. :slight_smile:

[plug]Here’s a vid featuring some high level play[/plug]


Oh ma awesome! thx for the reply. BTW dont take what I said as a bad critic. Sometimes I feel the dash input (foward) to be a bit unresponsive but this is ONLY when I try to buffer it. Maybe I need to get acustomed. I feel that I have to wait until certain animations have ended totally to input FF (foward foward)

The game is GREAT! I slept at 4am last night doing some basic stuff and combos, hopefully this week i will put a combo vid. Mike custom combo is SICK!!! (Mashing f.punch to get 70%!).

I will play online (to test it) and offline soon against some friends again. Hahahah I thought that “the ones that made this game were no newbies in the field” at how much stuff there is to prevent infinites and loops.

Im loving for vs play so far Alex with his diving kick/crossups stuff.

Again great job guys!!! (Sorry for my broken english)


Ok I’ll look into fixing the dash buffering :slight_smile: Also I’m going to nerf the custom combo, it’s a bit extreme! lol
Glad you like the game!


Of course I like it! I have a “kind of big” combo for each character! Im going to rec them tonight if I can and post them here!

Yes the Mike custom needs a bit of nerfing, just (in my opinion) nerf the damage ouput. The mashing looks “kind of cool” and remembers me from SF Alpha 2 era!

How doyou tweak the game? I mean, the “balance patch” comes as a title re-download?

And again props for your worl, very well done.


Yeah, when i patch it the game will prompt you to update and then downloads it again. The approval process for getting a patch out is time consuming though, so it probably wont appear for a couple weeks at best.

Here’s a small list of fixes/tweaks for the update so far:

[INDENT=1]-fix air dash bug[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-reduce combo maker length from 9s to 5s and reduce cooldown by a little[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-super throw to work on crouching opponents ?[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-longer ninja star range?[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-divekicks will not count as overhead attacks[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-more shoulder charge recovery time[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-more knockback from blocked attacks[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-a new move or two[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-make dashing work reliably[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]-a proper amount of landing recovery frames for special moves[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]-more unique regular attacks per character[/INDENT]

If there are any other suggestions, now is a good time to let me know. :slight_smile:


I answered part by part using your text, hope its not too rude:

Also Im uploading the combo vid, the editing and the combos are very basic, but i enjoyed it!


Sorry for the double post. AFO basic Combovid uploaded! Enjoy!



Wait a minute, I already bought this game awhile back on XBL. Is this is an update?

Great game btw.


Hmmm now that I have been playing a bit more and had smoe VS matches, some moves NEED “landing recovery frames”, othewise they are very spammable. Sure they can be punished in the air, but a ground combo IMO should be better. Just a few not much.

Rising Uppercut (SRK)
Rolling Kick
Charge Ball
Shoulder Tackle
Dive Kick

I like that you can grab and throw someone out of pokes. Since throws are techable this is just avoidable.

Also its VERY difficult to follow up combo from jumping attacks. I dont know if adding more stun frames or maing the attacker land faster after hitting an air attack would help.

Thanks again for being receptive to the players input!

And SRK look! J.R Rodriguez HIMSELF playing AFO!



Great, wonderful vid! Thanks so much for making one! :slight_smile:

>>-super throw to work on crouching opponents ? (Bill´s throw get you as you are getting uo and there is almost no reversal situation there!)
hmm you got a point there. it is possible to throw cancel out of it but it would be too hard for less skilled players to counter. I wanted to do it since there aren’t many counters to a crouching block besides a mid-hit. Come to think of it nerfing the divekick will remove the most powerful mid-hit, I’m gonna have to think this over carefully…

Thanks! AFO is a new version rather than an update. So $1 gets u online play and and in case you are wondering, I don’t have plans for another new version atm - only updates. I put out the original game without online play to see if there were people actually interested before figuring out how make fighting game network code :slight_smile:


Yeah there is definitely a lack of landing frames, I’ll add it to the list. I’ll fix the jump-in combos by adding a real light/heavy version of jump kick & jump punch. Right now the light/heavy versions are the same (excluding Bill) with the jump punches having more stun than kicks but are harder to land deep.

Its interesting what you say about throwing out of pokes, it is actually supposed to be the reverse with any kindof attack canceling the throw. However since throws are a bit easy to avoid by ducking, maybe they should specifically win over light poke attacks if they both connect.

I had a thought today, i should probably spend some time focusing on each characters regular moves, making them more unique. That could go a ways to adding more variety in strategies.


Awesome, thx for taking in account the suggestions!. I love the crossup system BTW!

About the throw system is kind of good cause I feel that its like the “parry” system from older tekken (3 and tag) games (Im not up to date to T6 sorry for being naive in this matter) and you have to be carefull with what attacks you throw.

I LOVE the backdash speed, its awesome and you gain ground/zone better with it. Really good.

And yes its a great idea to focus on individual char types!



Grrrrrr. Cant find a match online :frowning:


Sorry, it must be a quiet night :frowning:


Then we have to promote this awesome game! In my facebook account I posted the info, available combo and match vids, a couple of friends were interested and downloaded the game and liked it!


I am thinking of ways to improve finding a match, so at least people wont have to sit in a waiting screen. Something like SF4 has where you can play single player while you wait. Also something that keeps finding you a new opponent after every fright would be cool.


Do you have plans to add a couple more stages to the game? It would be nice to have a choice of a few venues. Just a suggestion to make a great game greater.


That is the no.1 request people have had so far and yes, I’m gonna try to get some freelancers to make some extra levels. Where would be a cool place for avatars to fight? One I’d like to see is a MK-style bridge level.