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Another avatar request

Ok people…here’s a request for an avatar.I would like to have Akuma’s stage9third strike) as the background…and have him doing the super where he punches the ground and there is waves of enerygey around him.Simple? well here’s the tricky part. When he raises his arm before doing the super i would like the fisrt part of y tag name to come up “SYN” and when he punches the other part 187 comes up underneath syn. as the super begins to fade away the name fades away also. I tried and i can’t get it to work…as i’m a newbie with the avatar thing. Oh yeah if not too much to ask can the 187 be like in a bloody type text? Thnks…

Sorry…i guess i kinda got lost in a dream. How about this take that idea…and do as you please. I’ve seen your work,i trust you work and i like your work. Bless me with one of your masterpieces :rock:

Hmmm sounds fair…place a request in my thread