Avatar help?


I have a problem…I checked all 24 pages of the Q and A thread first, and checked some of the tutorials, but I couldn’t find anything that helps.

Is there any way to make your animation play backwards? Basically, I want my current av to go back to its first state by going through all the others first.

This is exactly what I want -


But do to that, I had to copy the frames from Prime -> Starscream, reverse them, and play it again. Way too big. If the animation can simply go backwards from Starscream, that would be the same thing. But I can’t figure out how I can do it, if I can. I think the problem is the color scale keeps changing, but I have no idea how to stop it. Or at least reduce the size of the av by half without losing too much width/height/quality. So if anyone could tell me how, or even just reformat it for me to be under 40k, any help would be appreciated.


hard to tell whats reversed but hows this…



That’s great! Thanks :smiley: