Avatar Issues


I’ve tried uploading a couple different animated .gif avatars and they simply don’t animate. The displayed avatar on my profile also seems to be unsure if it wants to show the new avatar or previous one. Any help would be appreciated. :sad:

Uploading profile pic problems

To add on to this, I have specific images that fail to upload (non animated). They’ll appear as my small avatar when posting comments on profiles, but the main avatar image will default back to a previous used one. I’ve tested uploading other images that work fine, but as soon as I try uploading this new one, it falls back to my previous one.


This issue is still ongoing. I tried to delete avatar today and reupload, still shows the old avatar and wont animate. My premium I bought to upload the bigger old avatar has run out now. :sad:


did you try using gravatar?


Yeah it’ll work with still images, Gravatar doesn’t seem to support animated gifs at all though.


changing your avatar on this site is HELL! mine aren’t even animated.


Confirmed Gravatar does not support animated gifs by choice and has no plans to do so. :sad:

[S]Edit: And now somehow I’ve lost the ability to upload an avatar at all.[/S]

Edit edit: Uploaded, but still no animation.


What is the file type you are uploading?


mine were all JPEG. i’m trying to change my avatar again; it’s not going so well -_-


I’m using a .gif under 150kb. I’ll upload it to an external host here in a second just for example.



Tried reuploading from IE 9, Chrome, and Firefox. Also from a different PC. Avatar still hates me. :sad:


Those are premium member restrictions, regular members should be 50k but that avatar is around 40k bitmap. Maybe it’s a GIF problem?


Well, I was Premium when I tried it initially. :sad:

I also put the gif in the post a few lines up, it appears to work there.


i finally got my avatars to upload, but it took forever. maybe it’s a website traffic problem.


Good luck! next time!! hi hi…



Just tried updating my avatar to this


But when I upload from the HD it just loads my current av (yellow smiley). When I use a url the new av appears to be added, but as soon as I hit refresh my old av is back.

EDIT: I just tried again, deleted my current av. Instead of visiting my profile page I just tried uploading an new av (using url link) from here and it worked!


Personally, I just resize mine when they don’t take, it’s recommended to be at least 200X200, I’m not sure if you can resize a gif though. Maybe find one in a different size?


You can resize gifs here - http://www.online-image-editor.com/

I tried changing my gif again, can’t get it to work unless I signed out, deleted my cookies and logged in again.


You can resize a gif. Photoshop man. I make these things myself.


I don’t know how to make gifs, I don’t even know how to set up rotating avs. :frowning: