Avatar Making Thread


aight everyone i just got adobe 7 and i wanna learn how to make my own av’s…im really new to this sort thing so any help or suggestions/hints/tips or what not would be greatly appreciated

one question i have is when using the magic wand how do u save just the selected part of a picture??? or how do u remove the background??? another thing is how would i scale a picture down to a smaller or to a larger size after ive used the magic wand?? any help would be great

thnx in advance


Do you mean making the selected part it’s own layer? If so, then once you Magic Wand/Lasso whatever it is, just go to “Copy”, then make a new layer and hit “Paste”.

For scaling a picture, after selecting the part you want to scale just go to the top right tool (looks like an arrow) and then up at the top you’ll see two checkboxes, one says “show bounding boxes”. Check that one and you’ll be able to scale it.

NOTE: Hole down the Shift key as you scale, and it’ll keep it’s proportions.

Hopefully I didn’t confuse you, and that helped somewhat. :slight_smile:


thanks for the help…i havent tried it out yet cuz im scamming on work but ill try it later this afternoon…got any tips on making bg’s??? oh and what are some things the newb’s should know about adobe??? if u could kinda give a short tutorial…that would be damned kewl

ok one more thing…here’s the situation…i have a pic the size is about say 240 by 240…ive already used the magic wand tool and scaled the selected portion down to the size ill need it for the av…how do i cut that piece out of the 240 by 240 so i can paste it over to the 160 by 64 av workspace?

confusing i know…sorry