Avatar Pickup For Stevemega


here it is. I hope you like it.:cool:


Its DOPE, im lovin it…

Im just not lovin the fact that its too big! Damn… anyway you could somehow crop it down <20k? If need be, take out the animation… im feelin it, though. Thanks man.


Cool Av, Blue Phoenix. You’re really improving (not that I’m an expert or anything:)).


yeah, nice way of using the line tool but the background is extremly plain:eek:


tru3tn01. thanks.:cool:

Seth. I was trying to bring attention to Guile. but yeah. I agree. the background definitely needs some work.:lol:

can somebody get this avatar under 20KB for me please. I can’t seem to make it work.:bluu:


Here you go:



well Stevemega now you can use your av.


Blue Pheonix, here is the avatar that I created for you. I hope you like it. The format on the avatar is gif.

Anyways I’ll be back online later after that all nighter hehe. :wink:


Thanks fellas, came out great.