Avatar please

I need an avatar of Cammy Sagat and Benimaru, please be creative also make the top and bottom parts of the border burning with fire…also have the name JohnnyBlaze86 somewhere along there with the K groove meter filled

yeah that avatar is for me


i’ll give it a shot… up by thursday or tomorrow afternoon or something. i work a lot of hours, so give me time

Thanks a million man
take your time

My crappy version :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, you made yours almost exactly like mine… i’ll have it up within an hour or so

what do you think?


Thanx both of you… I appriciate your efforts


make me an avatar please!!!

I was wondering if someone can make me an avatar of battle royale and you can contact me about te details and i will show you the pics i want on there. Thanks

Contact: sho2morrowsroomriot@yahoo.com

New Avatar for me

Hey can someone make me a new avatar for me. I want it to have Guile(with black and white camo), Bison(Blue and Yellow colour scheme), and a Red Blanka, also put a c-groove bar at the bottom and let it flash from that screen to my ScreenName in red with a black backround. Thanks:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: