Avatar promo request

If anyone is up for a non premium avatar challenge?

It should start with a countdown style clock like this


Followed by the following 3 images each time interrupted by the clock:




Then followed by the words:

“Time’s up”

“Battle Poll 6”

If there needs to be any cuts due to the kb limit let me know.


k EZ mode then…

Just take the 3 Transformers images and make m switcharoo…

Someone plz? :confused:

wow, i can’t believe that no one has helped you out yet. Yeesh. I’ll help you out, no problem (except maybe file size). This may sound like a dumb question but do you want the timer to actually be counting down or are static times good for you?

File size limit for SRK is < 18,5 kb irc, so static time is good enough for me

tada …

yeah … the image limit is a major hinderance … ~140k.


Could u do one just with the TF pics looping? (that should be able to keep the limit down)

Thanx anyway:tup:

… went down to 56kb

Hmm… I’ll try something different then… thanx for trying though :tup: