Avatar request and queries


first off, congrats to all on the latest developments in this site, especially the smilies (favourite= :nunchuck: ) and thanx to everyone who contributed time and work for this awesome upgrades :clap: :tup:

anyway am I supposed to ask(nicely) if anyone can make me an avatar?

do I have to be a premium member in order to use avatars?

and another thing hows does an avatar work? do I save it on my PC and link it to my profile? or place it in a website and link it from there?

finally who can I ask to make an avatar 4 me? I asure you it will be most gratified :encore:

thx for spending time reading this



no, but premium members avatar’s can be bigger in file size.

save it on your pc then upload it in the "User CP

or you can do that


Yup, we get up to 48.8 kb now


thx guys/girls, snowman and hellMUT

now who do you recommend to me to ask to make a avatar for me?



anyone that will accept, your best bet is to make a request thread with what you would like, and if any designer wants to take a shot they will.