Avatar Request (Animation)


Is there anyone that can make me an animated Avatar , I have enclosed an animation that must be altered, including the following features: Put flashing blue lightning in the background behind Akuma and Ryu change the grey dull colours to red flames, add Evil Ken in the pic (if possible) and the last thing of all is to change the font of " Darkhadou X" to a slash effect as if its been cut out by a Katana, blue font.


Doing it with that GIF would be a lot of work. It would be easier for someone to get sprites for Akuma and Ryu like that, then add evil ken, then do the background/lettering. And for that special font effect, keep in mind we’re working in a very small space.

If you can agree to that, it might just get done.


Ok I can accept that, as long as it ends up animated I can live with that.


So is anybody going to start on this. Please somebody tell me if you’re going to make this avatar ?!:confused: