Avatar Request: Anyone can make


Anyone can make me a avatar with Nautica Thorn in it? If possible let me know. I’m willing to paypal you some $ if you want for your time and troubles.



It’s porn; isn’t it?


Yes shes an adult film star. But if possible keep the avatar PG-13. Face shot or something.


I’ll do it if you buy me premium. Of course you don’t have to buy if you don’t like the avatar.


Sure I don;t mind buying a few months worth of premium.

PM me your aim name etc.



Wow that’s some boshit right there.


Is it? He said he’d Paypal some money. I however don’t use Paypal. So Premiums not bad. Considering it’s only 3$. I would do it myself but I don’t use Paypal or have a Credit Card or anything.


Nah he’s saying it’s bullshit that you’re making him pay for your ‘services’ (which aren’t worth $3 anyway).


Let me know how to buy you a few months premium without the rebilling being automatic. I can’t figure it out.

It says something about red * etc,etc


Ugh I actually agree with MC. . . (I knew that’s what the av would be)


Shit ill do this shit for free. Just give me a picture and what u want and blaM!