Avatar Request: Do it for Mr. Top 8 and a mod of the forums

Alright, I got the idea, if you can, make it happen.

I want the avatar to start with “3 is greater than 4”, then cut to magneto doing a tempest super on the SSF4 Logo and killing it or knocking it off the screen. Then it says “Marvel vs Capcom 3: A New age of TvC”

The center part doesn’t have to be with magneto, but its what i prefer. actually if you can get that clip with ryu from the trailer of mvc3 doing a super on the logo, it would be perfect!


If only we had 150kb for avatars…like ZA


thank you! so perfect!

Fixed the logo…


Edit: Just noticed the change…glad you got the PM. :sweat: :d: Thank you!

thanks, updated and credited