Avatar request for a noob


I f anyone could make an avatoar with the following things, I would be appreciative.

-a rectangular, one with blue background

  • My name “Dangerous J” in Orange font, small near the top of the avatar
    -And these characters- Optimus Prime(robot mode), Aeka(Tenchi Muyo), and Iori somehow smooshed together.

Thanks for any replies.


hey man i could probably make it for you…but you would have to be more specific man,what do you mean rectangle?and do you have any pics of those characters?because i never heard of (Aeka(Tenchi Muyo) and please be specific.:smiley:


Thanks for the reply , man

By rectangle, I just want it the same dimensions(length/width) as the one you have right now, nothing weird
Could you use the 1st pic of Aeka and the ones I provided for Iori and OpPrime from these sites (I dont care how u arrange it as long as u can see all 3 characters sideby side somehow)

Heres a few pics of Aeka.





Optimus Prime

The only thing with the name is orange , in a normal font like Time NEw Roman -something simple and easy to read-your call.
Thanks again. I really appreciate it.


ok ill see what i can do…give me some time.:smiley:


there you go man,hope you like it.:smiley:


dope!:lol: here you go…:cool:


Thanks a lot , tonbarry.


hey man im very glad you like it…anytime you wan’t another one just ask.(but make sure it’s within the 2-week rule shhhhh):smiley: