Avatar request! for CVS2


i want an avatar with yamsaky,gueese,and iori on the avatar but with the mexican flag in the back and put iori in the middle plz oh and also put the c groove bar

ty very much to who ever does it!!!




ill give it a try:p


ty very much tetsuaka!!!

when will u be done with it??


im done with it now…hehe:p
i hope ya like it bro:D



hey is too dam big!!! it wont let me change it!!



why are you requesting again? u have to wait 2 weeks. not 2 days

if you want an edit, then ask the person that made the first one for you


cuz i want on with the mexxicaan flag just like the one made me is tight!!! is just to dam big can change it!!!


to the one u made me can u just add the mexican flag too it in the back??? ty


sorry man…ill fix it…np:p


ok montana…here is the fixed one:D




np…but dont whore around anymore…or ull get into some trouble
…dont request somethin else for another 2 weeks:p