Avatar Request for fr49200


Hello excuse me if im posting this in the wrong place. never requested one before. went to Master Chibi’s thread & he says hes not doing anymore requests so i figured Id post here. I wanted to ask for a avatar of Akane from Arcana Hearts 2, perferably a sexy version of her. If this cannot be done ill be willing to settle for clarice. they’re arent many pics of akane when i looked on google but i did find one for clarice

thx to anyone who will be willing to this. & yes i will use it.


^ Dood why did you just not ask me!

I got you on this. It’s a bit pervy but I’ll do my best :smiley:


Is this “sexy” enough?


You can get banned for linking that first picture FR4, I would get rid of it if I were you.


There is no warning for porn infractions but yeah no doujin/hentai avs please


Shim you are a god man that one was perfect!!! Thanks so much for that man!
btw, Master Chibi, you can get banned for linking pics? how do i get rid of it?


never mind i see worthless did the work for me. thanks!


a related question:

if hentai avs aren’t allowed, why are there avatars with full on booty allowed? Example:




Man, why the fuck is you snitching?

Quit hating Kuma. :cool:


Because while it is full on booty it is full on clothed booty.The source pic op had was especially nipple-y.It’s one if the rules where it can be especially lenient or strict depending on the nature/context/content of the av. It’s a pretty thin line as far as that goes. Typically as long as there is no full frontal,nudity,naughty bits,or heavy sexual overtones in it it’s cool,and even though a lot of the people here are older SRK isn’t a 18+ site so keep that in mind as far as who is seeing your avs

In the case that current avs are offending you in some way you’d have to contact Wiz or an admin,as I can’t outright change someone’s av.I CAN however infract if the avatar is too offensive or just outright inappropriate so take that into consideration as well.

TL;DR Keep it somewhat tasteful,no nudes,no nipples,no hentai,no ‘parts’ etc.


And no lego!


“booty is booty”.


They aren’t.