Avatar Request for Timoe

Hello. I am a stick builder new to these forums and looking for help with a simple avatar. Let me know if you’ve got something I can use. Thanks a bunch

TMO Gaming

i dont think so, Tim.

we need you to provide some material first, or at least a idea of what you want.

Here you go.

Ooop. Sorry.

Okay, i’d like to use those cartoony (short & fat) character sprites, maybe Chun LI and Ryu and just have the words

TMO Gaming

The rest I leave up to the creative. I am not picky or in a hurry. If you’d like me to try and narrow it down even further, let me know and I will try.


You mean puzzle fighter sprites?

Yes, Exactly.


anyone? paypal a few $.

Just looking for some puzzle fighter sprites (1 male & 1 female) together on a colored background with the words “TMO Gaming”

We leave it up to your creativity.




Keep his, but I wanted to do it anyways:



Thank you Celcius and Tat Guy. Those are great, I really appreciate it.