Avatar request from preddy


Could anyone make me an avatar !? with a pic of ryu from

sf3 3s? or other cool ryu pics? thx a bunch




i tried using art from SF3, and it wasn’t working out, cuz it’s too large, and shrinking it down make it look like pure crap

since htat dind’t work, i’m using a pic from alpha, but it’s a really cool pic…


what do you think?


hadoken if you dont mind i’d like to try


go for it… i’m still noob here… u guys can take my requests… just not the ones in my thread, thanks


here you go preddy, let me know if you want anything chnaged:



thx guys for the avatar !! like it alot
!!! thx for the work!! :slight_smile: WOW !! hehe

thx Seth!!