Avatar request GGXX sprite rip

I was wondering if anyone could make me an av of one of Sol’s taunts from ggxx. The one i want the most is the one of his back turned towards the screen throwing the thumbs down.

If you could make it his blue and black costume do that. Also if you have time to make a dark background of some sort And my name on it if there’s room.

If you could do this then i’ll remix a vid game track of your choice if you want… Thats all i can really do to repay anyone.

while i’m no av maker, here’s the needed sprite

i can do it. i’ll try to have it up either tomorrow or saturday morning… more than likely tomorrow though

hadoken do you mind if i take a swing at it, im bored. he can still give you the remix vid.

Thanks guys.

Who ever can do it just post when you’re done.

go for it seth. besides you’re better than me

and by what do you mean remix vid?

if you mean a custom soundtrack… blah… don’t bother… i like the fun out of making it myself. :slight_smile:

unless seth still wants it… w/e :smiley:


here you go (i couldn’t make my mind up for the colors):

thanks for the sprite zazz.

Thanks alot!!!