Avatar request, i have sprites

I have the sprites but dunno how to post them cuz im a scrub. if you tell me how i can.

but the magneto and cyke sprites are fine, i just want the cable to be editted to a black with yellow straps. if you could aim me it would be easier to explain :D.


hmm like this?


edit: how do i actually get the thumbnail to show in my post?

edit edit: testing [image] http://img310.imageshack.us/img310/305/23880dj.gif [/image]

put these tags instead.


oh alright thanks, :smiley:




lol paint is gaying me with cyclops. its a gif image, but it starts with a whole red circle covering cyke’s face. is there a way you can make it so that its a jpeg (or just a still non moving) image?

and could you make cable’s blue parts black please? :slight_smile:

EDIT:oh and uh, can you make it so that its like divided into 3 parts with a character on each triangle or something? like if you can divine the avatar in 3 so that the 3 pieces are triangles with the character in it? and finally if you can fit “MagMan” somewhere in there that would be cool. sorry if its too much trouble =(

Here’s an idea I had, if you want anything changed, let me know.

If anyone else wants to try, go right ahead.

yes thats awesome thank you soo much man :D.

No prob.