Avatar request ( I lack the skillz )

I think my OG tlk av is getting a little stale, considering some people update theres all the time. So I was hoping someone can make an av out of this. Its a pretty big but I dont care if theres missing frames and whatnot, as long as at the part were he stalls, and crosses his legs it shows my name. But thats not even that important as long as it has my name on it.

ill try it check here monday

:tup: Alright! thanks man, I owe you one.


if you dont like people to do what i just did then dont make you album visible to the public.

that’s if you care…

I dont really care if people look at my photobucket. But umm… that one picture with the ms paint yeah tahts my friend. I did that . Its kind of a inside joke.

couldnt do anything decent with the sprite besides you alread requested a tlk av

Yeah, thanks for giving it a try anyways, sorry about that.