Avatar Request (I'll be your friend)

Cvs2 Avatar Request

Could someone make me an avatar of cvs2? Thanks in advance

6 grooves logo C,a,p,s,n,k, Sagat, and the phrase. “When all grooves combined, I am Captain Planet!!” It would be cool if the grooves were like crystals and animated, comes together with a blast, then sagat pops out with that phrase.

I’ll give the artist credit when people ask me about my new avatar. I believe the artist should at least get a little recognition for doing this on their own time.

LOL, i like that idea. Might give it a shot.

Uhh… I believe the artist should get MOST of the recognition. Most people consider it polite to put the avatar creator in their custom title or, more commonly in their signature. Otherwise it’s pretty much assumed you made it yourself. Some people have a “Avatar created by XXXXX, Produced by (YourName)”, if they had the idea, and got someone else to make it.

It’s our job to make an avatar for each request made. Don’t ask for perks like recognition, patience, or kind words.


that av is near impossible in non prem

Notice the words “I believe” in front of my post. Well, after the “uhh”




NINJA EDIT: I love to eat pieces of poo! They taste so great! Call me tubgirl!

REAL EDIT: Omg. Power to post twice in a row. Power to edit my ninja edits. I can’t fight the power. throws in the towel

Yes, I noticed it.


…but I don’t care.


I tried this, it didn’t turn out so great but I thought I’d post the results anyways. The first two should fit under a prem size limit. The third one would need some fixing before it would fit.




No, it actually isn’t. We don’t have an official group of taggers here on SRK. Hell, its hard enough to hold onto anybody decent with PS/Gimp/Whatever as it is, here in IMM.

Nobody here in Image Mishmash should feel obligated to make anybody anything. People take time out of their day to do people a favor if an avatar/tag/etc. is requested from them.

The general rules have been in place here long before you came to IMM, quiche, and for good reason too. No request whoring, no fuckachunkz [new term, old idea], the two week rule, etc. all exist out of respect to the taggers and what they do for SRK/IMM.

No, it isn’t our job to fulfill any requests here. If you want to change that, change the structure of IMM. Assign tagger positions to whom you deem able. Give them perks or something, idunno. Do whatever it takes. But until that happens, don’t try to convince us that its our job to do anything here.

Uhh yeah, well the thing was, i was being sarcastic. Of course it’s not our job. We’re fucking volunteers. I thought people would understand that…


Thanks for trying this, but I don’t think I would get premium any time soon. I appreciate your effort. I think it looks awesome. Sagat changing colors of different grooves. That was sick.

No problem. Hopefully someone can hook you up with it.

I decided to work on what you started. It turns out pretty good. I think its funny too. Pain in the ass to resize and optimize to get the correct requirements for srk, but I think its worth it.

In the future, please be courteous and ask for permission before editing my stuff. It’s okay this time though as I know you wanted this av for a while. I’m glad you ended up with what you wanted.