Avatar Request (Including Animation)

I wish I had Photoshop and the knowhow to do this, but unfortunately I don’t. This is going to be my first avatar in the 2+ years I’ve been on SRK, so I want it to be a cool one. I didn’t put this in the avatar request threads because this one needs animation.

My plan is to make an avatar where Q (of 3S fame) enters a dance competition. He has to drink some booze to get in the mood, ends up getting drunk, dances retardedly, and wins the competition anyway. I already have all the sprites picked out, it should be really funny. The only thing is, I don’t have the stuff I need to actually put it all together, so I was hoping someone else would take on the challenge. Like I said, I’ll give you all the sprites, all the wording, and the sequence they should appear in, all you have to do is put them together.

Pretty please??

give me da sprites

WTF are you talking about? your request is ridiculous. Q has a mask on, he couldn’t drink even if this av was possible.

hey can someone make this?

hey, can someone make me a avatar of ryu, ken, guile,jill,and bison beating up spiderman and pcylocke then it say kensavenge,oh and the back ground should have blue smoke so if someone could make that i would really apreciate it. oh and i want it to be animated

Wow. Just… wow. Kensavenge gets the award for the randomest, weirdest, and most downright absurd av request EVER. Congratulations.

Not to mention the most av requests in a 24 hour time period. :rolleyes: What is this, 6 now?


well you too if you have nothing good to say then heres a great idea for you to… oh yea SHUT THE HELL UP!! not you oroch you one of the good guys im talking about murt

Somebody was gonna say it to you sooner or later kensavenge, I just delivered it to ya early.

I’m known for animating wild and complicated shit. But seriously, the things you request are possibly the dumbest ideas I have ever heard regarding an av.

Little bit of advice, if you want so many avs and want to express so many of your own ideas…do it yourself. That way you won’t be an av whore and you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by wearing an new av two days after someone else spent time making another one.

At least in that respect you get what you want. That’s why I started making my own avs.