Avatar Request-Lily Allen!

I’m a huge fan of Lily Allen. I tried to make an avatar but it just doesn’t…pop (see current). So I thought I’d call upon the skills of some crazy avatar maker! “Well what do you want Sas?” Well…

-Lily Allen in it (of course)
-Something ‘sparkly’ (aka animated in some way PLEASE! :lovin: )
-My name somewhere in it (‘Sas’ preferred)

Props will go out to the avatar maker in my sig (of course). I plan on only sportin’ Lily Allen avatars now, until she either ‘runs over a kid in her car’ or ‘has a kid.’ :wonder: No for real…I’m serious.

Thank you! Indeed!

make those speakers fucking BOOM

Hahaha! I was thinkin’ on that one, but it’s been done (not that I wouldn’t mind them speakers boomin’). I tried myself with techniques I ‘thought’ would work…well, as you can see. Them speakers…are on mute. :sad: