Avatar Request (new user)

Hello there im new to srk.com I was looking for an avatar. So for my first ever avatar I would like to make a request.

The only thing I want is ITz RaMeN TiMe or ViCioUsxRaMeN on the bottom left corner of the avatar. I like anime so anything anime related would be sweet(perferably some hot anime chick) I also like ramen! ^-^

Im interested in the creativity of this these fine artist so I’ll take anything! Thanks.

i got you:


alright, for real this time…

Lol! that’s pretty good. XD

Awesome+Funny=Blooper’s avatars. Sweet job brah! :tup:

pretty happy that I got photoshop back.

lol. nice one.

Thanks, the stuff you made is funny.

Here’s my take on it. http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/1953/ramenav.gif Probably too plain…:sweat:

Lmao! Thanks for the pics guys!

That’s really kool. I may use that one just for now. If u can put Itz ramen time on the top left corner then it’d be perfect. Thanks a lot!

LOL @ #6. I’d totally use it.

Sure thing. I’ll get to it when I am home.

I wanna use it too but isn’t it too big? That pic is so funny! My friends love it XD

My God, blooper’s first av had me gasping for air. Funny shit!



and a bonus:


Awesome! Thanks a lot! I’ll use this one for the time being I’ll credit u in my sig!

If anyone has any other ideas I’d love to see em and so I can also save em for later use. These pics have been funny as hell!

Brah, remove the img tags in your quotes or they may give you an infraction. :smile: And I added something to my above post.

Lol oh thanks for the heads up. Love the avatar!

lol. great work dood.