Avatar request(nothing crazy ^_^)

Hello all!

I’ve been rocking this Ryu avatar by DG for awhile now, but after I saw Shatterstar’s beastly MJ vs Bird, I got some ideas for a basketball one.

Its doesn’t have to animated.

The basic idea is to have Sean jumping in the air with the begining frame of his diagonal j.hp.


and I want a basketball in his right hand so it looks like hes going for a dunk.

http://www.newwavemugen.com/~zweifuss/sean/sean-intro1.gif <–You could use that basketball

now what REALLY pisses me off is that I can’t find a fricking background for this :sad:


Meh, I want some kinda background from a game where he is facing the hoop or something…or well that’ll have to do.

Lastly, the text at the bottom should say, “AIR SEAN”.

I hope that isn’t too much, and I’d be very thankful for your work.

Again, Thanks in advance,
Kool-Aid Ryu

this was my “attempt” at this.

Very nice, although I wish the ball was covering his hand compeletey.

Still Thanks alot!

P.S. Love the Air Jordan style logo