Avatar request, people that can make funny .gifs

i need one that is a couple of frames long, heres what i want in it. 2 mortal combat charaters, one wins. the FINISH HIM thing comes up, and 1 guy touches his weener and shoots a nice load of jiz at the other guys head and knocks it off. then it says SKEETality.

if anyone can do this, i would greatly appreciate it. have fun with this challenge. i think it will turn out good if someone gets it right.


lmfao :lol:

i like ur avatar:lol:


just to let you know this is pretty really hard to do and would take a ton of time

also you would need to be a premium member to have this avatar if someone did make it

y would i have to be premium?

theres no way it would fit under the non-premium size limit.