Avatar Request (Pics Provided)

I want Sagat, M. Bison/Vega, and Guile all standing on the left.

I want the C-Groove bar on the bottom right and the name Se7in above the bar.

Here’s the pics.


M. Bison:


C-Groove Bar:


Thanks in advance to anyone who takes this up.


I’m looking for an avatar featuring sprite of Strider, Sentinel, OR Doom.QUOTE]

fixed so that maybe someone would consider taking up ur impossible request


I am also looking for my avator to be altered slightly, this is my third time requesting this.

All i want is for my avator to be exactly the same except change the Name “SNAPOUT” To AFTERMATH, thanks

Bad SnapOut! Bad bad bad!

Don’t highjack other peoples request threads when you already have your own here:


Your request is still on the first page… dood.



Nevermind. Did it myself using GIMP. This is the first thing I’ve EVER made using image software, so don’t criticize too hard.

so do you still want one ill do it for ya if ya want :sweat:

Sure, if you want to take it up.

hows this?

Awesome and you got it done SO quick.

Thanks a lot.