Avatar request please help me


ok so i’m premium now so i figured i’d get a new avatar
(i had this one for a while too)

ok on to the request:

I want it to have Urien (as if in a corner) doing cr.fp mk. tackle mk.tackle xx lp. aegis (moves toward midscreen just a little). Urien backs up a little wiffs rh tackle then mk or rh knee drop then aegis disappears after 2 seconds and then repeates.

I just want it to look like he’s fighting something in real time. I was thinking of him beating up the iphone and maybe doing it similar to the icommercials. If the size is too much with full colors then that would be the only way to it (urien all black the iphone black and white and the effects kind of yellowish white and the background would be brownish orange). Blue aegis would be sweet:lovin:

Btw i would like to look as much as the 2nd combo in this vid


thanks and PLEASE help me out here


O’ the fuckachunks…


Despite how stupid all dat sounded; all of the sprites you want are available, but that’s gotta be way past the file limit.

P.S. Fuckachunks






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you guys are as crazy as his request



**riiiiiiiiiiiight.:confused: **

**Crazy request!:looney: :looney: :wonder: **


so what does that mean? is the gif going to be too big even with the few colors? I don’t need it to be the maximum size, just big enough to see what’s going on.

or is it too much work?

btw i lost all my data a while back but i had a zip file that had all of 3s sprites, can anybody give me a link…thanks


It’s not going to happen, even if it was reduced to just pure black and white it still wouldn’t work. 50kb is VERY little to work with, so I suggest you go back to the drawing board in terms of a request.



No it’s just you want a fucking 3S match as an av. Prem doesn’t mean anything you want to be an av can. Maybe you can think of something simple hobknobber


get uriens face exploding


ok fine, would doing endless mk tackles in corner on some object be too big?


if someone was to do that i’d rep them SO HORD…


o rly?


So much for making one with Blanka/Zangief eating his head.


haha i wanna see that


looks nice

now if i can get one with endless mk tackles on Yun then the sprite switches to Chun and then to Ken and repeate?

it would be like Yun gets tackled in the corner and bounces up and falls down as ken and so on and so forth. would that fit? default colors are fine

edit: i will also rep HORD of course


No it wouldn’t.

holy shit IMM needs its own faq.


it needs gifs im pretty sure you guys could come up with some funny shit explaining the rules n shit. :lol: