Avatar request please. =)

I just finished signing up for premium, so what better way to celebrate than a bigger and better avatar. Guidelines are pretty simple and open to creativity. I simply want it starring this guy, Mr. Impossible:



Just use whichever picture of him gives you the most to work with, and take advantage of the premium av pixel size. 160x100 or whatever it is. I’d like for him to be doing something crazy/impossible, since that’s what he does. Ya know, just make it with some crazy animation effects or something in the background. I dunno. Ball’s in your court, impress!

Thanks a ton in advance. I’ve yet to be letdown with my av’s, and this one will probably be the easiest one. =)

I guess i could try something, but don’t get your hopes up :xeye:

I PM’d you the avatar. Check your inbox! :slight_smile: