avatar request, please?


someone gave me bad rep for my ashley tisdale avatar. i don’t see a thing wrong with it. but whatever, i guess it’s time for something new. can anybody make me something cool out of this?


make the thing brown though. that’d be extra funny. :rofl:


hell yeah, grimer is fuken dope)


sweet! got some rep for ms. plastic-nose. is anybody still working on this? if not, it’s cool. if you want you can use your own pics/ideas. i just want something silly to go with my name.


YES! [/caps]

You can still keep that headline with this avatar. :open_mouth:


<3 Grimer.


Haha. Too good. Dookee will be proud. lol


oh my god! how sick with it is that!!! i’m keeping that shit for life! BIG THANKS, Sasmasta!!


:rofl::rofl: badass av man keep it up.