Avatar Request, Please

Um, No hard feelin’ Soul…But you must be busy, so Im askin’ someone else can they give me a new avatar.

Can some one hook me up with these 3 chicks

Not to spam or anything, but that be some nasty ass shit.

EDIT - Whoa, dude I don’t know you. This is the first time I ever posted in regards to you. :frowning:

Homie, if you not gonna do it, don’t come in here talkin’ crazy, you always do this shit…just let me be dawg…You don’t like what I like and thats that…you don’t have to keep reiteratin’ that fact, ok?

EDIT: You never posted in the 1st " Hot Girl Thread"…check your post…Im pretty sure I had discussin’ with you

He’s Right you know.

Why choose something else like a Videogame
female character.

Ha. I just now re-installed my photoshop. :stuck_out_tongue: If you still want Magneto in it, I need a few things of him. My aol is too bootlegged to load srk, so I’m definitely not opening up FightersGen in IE. :confused:
The only things I have, I would have to take the comedic approach…unless that’s fine with you. :smiley:

Haha I never touched the Hot Girl threads.

Soul - FightersGen is up again?

Maybe. I’m just sayin’…



He likes bitchs too,just not the ugly once.He is into underage jailbaits with nice little titays ! :evil:

Ok Soul, let me find a Mag pic and hit you right back

Alright. (why isn’t this showing up in my cpanel??)

Re: Re: Avatar Request, Please

No, I don’t want a video game character, I tried and he said it didn’t look right, now I have two pics of Julia and Christie from Tekken, if you want to take a shot at it, by all means, be my guess.

and this one

This is my new name, since Im not even close to bein’ a Master of Mags, Im puttin’ that name up for now, till the time comes…PostMan~730 is What it is!!!

Ok. Well, FG is back up. So here comes Mags and his fat ass bitches.

So you have the AV done for my other screen name?