avatar request please

hello people can someone help make me a kof98 avatar

with ryo in white
kyo in black
and mature in black&white with a p-groove bar & my name flashing please

thankyou very much


pending on cham, you might have to wait 2 weeks before getting a new av since you just got this 2 days ago. just to show appreciation.


???hmm true say.

i spoke to him myself on msn and showed him my appreciation by thanking him myself.

Thanx for looking out… i got like a slew of req at the moment. I’s cool if someone else gets to it before me.

I did get the email and will try and work on it but no worries if someone does another for you… it’s cool.

its cool about your friends screwing but i was speaking to you directly as a friend
thats y i hate these sort of sites some people are to fast to interfear in other people business
but yeah if u got the email then yeah i can hold out no sweat

  • if u go into the fighting games discussion rooms look into the karnovs revenge slot viruta_leon left a thankyou for you

chat to you soon jericho_mpm

wasn’t trying to intefere, just letting you know about the rules since some people might get offended if you switch what they worked on right away. i barely even know cham. wasn’t trying to offend you or anything, just letting you know is all.