Avatar request plz!

I was hoping if any one would make me an avatar with Eagle, Sagat, and Cammy in C-Groove plz? Thanks


^^^ Thats the best pic I could find.


Groove bar

ill do this fer ya

sorry the cammy pic was killing me


The artstyle of the cammy pic seems to clash with the other two characters. But still god as always :wgrin:

Thanks GuMz, lovin’ the av.

i would like to request an Av with a pepsi logo as you can see, i have this one already but it was made random a long long time ago… like star wars and i want to request one with the name pepsi tony flashing, and something creative , i have SUPER long dread lock, and if you could add something like that in it, something with motion… pepsi tony is two words… little black guy of course… just something creative you can make several and send to pepsitony@sbcglobal.net

ThanX PT

:u: Don’t hijack other members request threads. I don’t know if anyone will take your second request though, it’s reeks of funkachunks… dood.

Hmm Yeah Dood. I see it now. HAHAHA