Avatar Request Por Favor

I would like an avatar. Here is what I would like:

Could I get an avatar with Captain Commando, War Machine, and Cable in it? (all from MvC2)
It doesn’t have to be animated, but that’d be cool. Not sure how you’d do that though.

if you have a request at least have the gif.s first


Google, man, Google!!!

I’ll take this one.

I SEE HOW IT IS! :sad:

I’ve never seen an avatar with three seperate animations at once, especially under 20kb, nice.

Needs a border, though. >___>

The end.

Don’t feel bad, Mechanica. I still love you. WE will always play PD together. I haven’t forgotten you! I just don’t use Captain America anymore.

Thanks Psycho

Captain America’s cartwheel > everything in MvC2 though! >_>

Sure, but he’s a very squishy character. I guess if I wanna win, I have to use top tier characters. Oh well, not too big of a loss. :xeye:

Hahaha, squishy.


I’ll work your cable commando crap with lower tiers!! >:OOOOOOOOOOOOOO