Avatar Request: Pretty simple

I’m hoping someone here knows how to do this. I just want this loop of magneto snapping back cyclops and launching to death with the word “BODY” flashing over the video (not a separate frame) with each launch. And after about 3 reps, the word “FRAYYY” flashes with the last launch.

Basically exactly what is in this video here
[media=youtube]qsVQf6s4ewA[/media] at 7:34. I understand you might have to cut the launchers down to 3 to make it fit. Thanks to whoever!


This is the best that I could come up with because I had to cut a lot of the frames in the c.hp frames and was not able to include the snapback.

i like it but just curious why it flashes black 3 times when it says Frayyy? No way to add 1 more launcher? I know SRK is hard because of the size cap on images

It flashes like that in the video but it happens faster because there are more frames in it and I had to take out couple to get to the SRK specs.

I’ll try to add another launcher but I’ll have to take out some color.

How about this?