Avatar request...probably a tad fuckachunkz

As per Shatterstar’s request, I’m retiring the King Arthur avatar :sad:
But I’m really picky when it comes to avatars so I waited until I could find something really original…maybe too hard to do though but I’ll try my luck anyways.

I really like Celsius’ style (the still picture of the character with the animation in the back) so I have two ideas for that which I myself couldn’t even find the material for it.

#1: Character in front: Pheonix wright doing the traditional pointing finger OBJECTION pose. (example: http://www.court-records.net/art/OA%20-%20Phoenix%20points.jpg)

animation in the back (and this is where the fuckachunkz come in) My name (Valaris) in the font used when he screams "Objections"
on this background http://www.court-records.net/rips/speedlineupclose2.gif

#2 If the first one is too hard: Same style but with Batman from Batman Beyond. I checked for animated gifs but I couldn’t seem to find much.

Thanks in advance :sweat:

PS: I know this should probably in Celsius’ thread but I wasn’t sure if I could burden him with this request.

i want to try this

Thanks for trying :wgrin:

I’m not good at making fonts but here are some ideas:





I need to find a nice looking font…

Very nice alread :lovin:
If you don’t mind I just want to see what ToyRobotTerror comes up with.

If it helps for the font I found this tutorial

^thankx for the font.

Yeah, the font really helped :tup:

latest attempts:



Oh shit! :lovin: the last one
:wgrin: thanks!


edit: too late :sad:

I’m definately saving it. I might switch it up. Also, I like your av’s style :lol: