::Avatar Request Thread::


Request an avatar you would like me to make and I’ll do it for you. Just tell me what you want. :smiley:



sup can you make me i av of magneto,psylocke,& sentinel with my name on it please:)oh ifs its possible can you have my background or my team with movement


your breaking rules man:bluu:


av requests normally go into the Image Mishmash (aka “Tagger’s Lounge”). wrong forum, dude.



yes, sorry. Someone move this!



here is your sig Sinn.

Click Here For Your Sig

It’s kind of basic but, I’m working on a better one. Tell me if you wanna keep this avatar instead. :smiley:


thanks mann that a tight av dont worry you have talent cause i like :cool:



ok, I’ll tell you u when I’m done with the ither one.:smiley:


Dude I need one

give me one with Johnny (guilty gear).


yo word just make me one with a hot ass magneto black and red costum unless you can make him have a black and purple



2 more avatars, coming up. :smiley:



Ok, I made yours LCR. I attached it. I hope you like it. As for you DragonManStatus, I can’t get yours yet because I need the right colors(Red and Black/Black and Purple). Your might take some time. 1-3 days.


Thanx a million, the adon was getting old:D



no problem. Ask me anytime for more avatars.:smiley:


can you make one with cable sent camando…my name at the top…and maybe a cool background with some zelda shit…if not thats cool…at least some thing badass…im tired of my av

i would really appreaciate it



k, u got it.:wink:



I attached LyNKS avatar. I hope you like it.
(Sorry, I couldn’t get a pic of link in there. I will make another with him If you want.)



here is your DragonManStatus
(I attached It)
I hope you like it:D


yo word thanx a lot dude that is sooo hot i like it alot thanx. tooo beastly.



I’m glad you like it.:smiley: