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Avatar Request Thread Avatar Pick Ups

take your request.

*AVATAR Pick Ups:


:: SD VEGEKEN :: -Setsuna-


:: Dragon God :: -Magneto-


:: Goblyn of Death :: -Sentinal-


yes plz, i just have a small request, can you take out the wrighting at the bottom of my AV (S.O.D elite crew stuff) if that doesn’t work, can you make me a sentinal AV tighter than this?

thx in adv:D


could you possible make me one of setsuna from Last Blade 2?





I want a mag av



is it possible??


I’d like an Akuma avatar. Any colors, preferably dark, and the text “Uncontested” somewhere, please. I’d prefer some kind of ‘dominant’ style, to go with my name, please. :smiley:


whats up with you man,i just recently made you that mag av,you dont want it?..evil-ken hes whoring…tsk tsk.


If he doesnt want his current one then, he can ask. Chill out, I know your kinda pisst but, wat can ya do?


hey buddy im just folowing the rules here.


rules??? Sounds like someone’s jelious. If he doesnt like it then, that’s good for him! You shouldn’t of made him one in the first place!


relax, guy.
it’s called being considerate.


There are no “rules,” taggers make their own. I think you’re just jealous because he won’t be sporting your tag. :wink:


THANK YOU!:smiley: BTW OM, I’m relaxed, I’m just trying to make a point to this dumb thing he said.


first of all im not "jealious"ok,why would i be?:confused: …anyways i made him that av becuase he asked for it…but you know what forget about it alright,i dont wanna spam your thred.and you know as well as i do that hes whoring,but its cool.


I’M whoring or HIM? I dont care, avatar making is a hobby of mine, if he hates my avatar I just made him, I dont care. Anyways, watever. I dont wanna get into this crap either.


yeah me neither man,its ok i dont like arguing over some av.Its all good man,im sure you make good avs anyways i was just making a point that he asked and then he went to ask someone else for another one know what i mean?but its cool do your thing.


I understand.


Actually,…there are rules against whoring. Just look at the sticky on THIS board.


would it be possible if you can make me a ava of anji mito of ggxx thats if you can do it thanks in advance.