Avatar request... Who is up for a challenge?

Ok, I will try to explain it as simply as possible.

I want a “Yo soy… Commando!” avatar
1st off, it helps if you watch late night with conan.

This is Conando

Here is the video clip also

Anyways, the avatar I want is with captain commando with conans mustache on commando.

If you can, I would like it to say Yo Soy Commando and then zoom in on his headshot with mustache just like in the video clips.

** am willing to buy premium if the file will be too large for non-premium**

Also if you have room, add 2 frames, 1 with storm saying “commando?” and then sent saying “commando?”


Hm I’ll See what I can come up with


Just did a quick one here, since theres limits on regular avatars to 19.5 KB Forgot to make a premo version with more frames and better quality since I accidently shut off my computer to buy some stuff, forgot to save it ahha. just managed to save this one before hand

thats really good, but i think you might have mis-read my post. That’s exactly what I want but with captain commando (from MvC2 sprites) with conan’s mustache. And I want it to say, “Yo Soy Commando”

If you want, you can close or merge this thread with the big request thread. Sorry.

ah yah i did mis read it, ok well ill see if i can come up with a diff one later on unless some1 else fulfills it =]

Yo megaman, aberz made you one. It’s in the big request thread. :smile: