Avatar Request

If it’s not too much trouble could any of you take on my request of this picture?:

I don’t have any good ideas for the background or the font, but I’d like the color of the image to be retained and not altered like my current AV (No offense intended Aberz). I’ll accept any offers and try not to ask for too much. Thanks.

I’m on the case!

Tell me what you think! I kept the colors of her the same, just like you wanted. I have it at highest quality right now, so if it needs to be a smaller filesize, I could easily fix that.

Yay McDonalds!

Aha, I appreciate the AV but that’s not really what I had in mind XD. I was thinking something that goes with blue like Chun li’s outfit or something that blends in more. I’m curious but who was it that kept white backgrounds and had small black text in the name? I thought those look nice yet plain. Sorry for the trouble, this stuff doesn’t come to mind until I actually see it :frowning:

You are talking about Master Chibi

Ah yes, that sounds more familiar. I was just meaning to say that I’m looking for either a creative or kind of a simple AV. Thanks for replying guys.

Shit, dog, I thought I was really on to something. Shes even holding a big mac in her hand! At least I think its a big mac. I think the Red Blue Yellow goes fine together, being primary colors and all.

Aha, I think its funny and all, but I was looking for something more stylish lol. Thanks though.

Did that really take you just 6 minutes to do?


Thanks guys, I’m hoping Master Chibi will make an AV for me for I’ve made a request in his thread. Sorry for all the trouble guys, I appreciate it though :).