avatar request


I’d like a avatar of Dr.Doom Thor or deadpool(whomever has the better pics or best picture for a avatar)

thanks a bunch :slight_smile: to whoever takes up the job


=( guess this section is dead


“The dream is dead…” [/Onslaught]

Heres something I made really fast :


thanks man :slight_smile:
glad someone took up my request this time
i was beginning to think nobody would show up to fill my request


I was bored lolz and I like deadpool. PINEAPPLE!!! Well glad u like it brah.


hey aren’t you that guy that did my first couple of avatar requests?


Ive done alot of avs for alot of people so probably. I dont know, some dont even give me credit so I cant tell after while. :sad: Well actually I can tell on some of them.