Avatar Request

I tried to make my own, as you can see, and it didn’t turn out so hot. I’d really like an animated one. I really don’t know about how hard it is for you guys to make those, but I have a few ideas.

  1. Vega(CvS2 sprite) performing his :3p: Backhandspring. Background, the Osaka Rooftop stage.

  2. Vega’s taunt from CvS2. Preferably on the Osaka Rooftop stage from CvS2.

  3. Vega performing some combos on Akuma. Maybe an Izuna drop or something. Same background as above.

Maybe have the 3 stock N-Groove bar as well, with my name in a cursive font in whatever location looks coolest.

If that’s too complicated, let me know and I’ll come up with a simpler idea.

Hey, I’m willing to do the AV for you. But I got a problem, I can’t find the Osaka Rooftop stage and I don’t know how Vega’s PPP color look like…if you can provide me the info or alternative ideas, hopefully I can make it work.

Okay…lets see…


There’s the osaka rooftop, needs to be resized though.

An as far as the outfit, just his default one. Must have confused you with the PPP thing. I was describing his move, because there’s two versions of it. KKK and PPP. I wanted the PPP version. Just wanted the default outfit.

Ah! Thanks! And yes, I confused myself lol. I don’t use Vega so I don’t remember that KKK/PPP was a move, sorry.

I’ll try to get it done by today.


There…I did my best on it. I tried using the PPP move, but none of the frames of the move looks good in it. If you want any changes, tell me, I’ll try my best to change it. Hope you like it…and sorry if you don’t.

Thanks man. I like it.