Avatar request

can someone make me a new av with M. bison as the only character on the av with a sick as pose or him scisor kicking someone. put a dope backround of your choice on the backround. thanks. Oh yeah put my name somewhere as well please.

cool av

let me tell you something, becareful a few weeks ago the was a dude on here named Kensaveng, he was so fuck nerve racking he just kept asking for avatar after avatar after avatar. so bad the admin named rook banned him from the forum, and the date they said he can come back… never. my name is chris young, i created the program called photoshop, which is used to make avatars on every site, im just here to see how the program has been going for some people, im surprised its doing great, well if you ever use my photoshop program, hope you like, enjoy and try not to be like Kensavenge, that fucking son of a bitch has got people sending me and the photoshop company email complants so be careful!

Back again Ken? Don’t you have better things to do than go trolling around in a forum? :rolleyes:

Jesus Christ. Aren’t you near Ohio Tempest? Cant you just drive down and kick his ass for us?


Psh, no. The Bronx is in New York. Do your geography. I don’t drive either, I get the subway to bring me where I need.

It’d be a waste of gas anyway, just like he’s a waste of oxygen.

^^^ You’d also go to jail. He’s 13 years old.


I miss Kensavenge. He inspired me to do better in school.

You make me sad.:sad:


can someone please take care of my av request. thanks

i guess ill pick this one up

ROFL, sup ken? 8)

EDIT: Alright, cool, gogobeefy.

No animation guys just bison alone lol :clap: damm it ken get off the dayum fourms


Funny thing…KenSavage was my anti drug.


Just tell your mom you couldn’t watch your baby sister because you were busy hanging out with kensavenge.

|k|e|n|s|a|v|e|n|g|e| MY ANTI-DRUG.



can someone do my av request please.

I have an avatar request :). If anyone can do either one that would be cool.

  1. Something with Zabuza from Naruto similar to the one Tragic used to have, that was pretty fucking cool. With “Biggzy” thrown in there somewhere.

  2. The other is CvS2 Vega (claw) just looking bad ass, not that gay looking picture when you pick C,A, or P groove but something cool. Then just throw “Biggzy” in there somewhere.

av request please check the first post.