Avatar Request

Hey Guys.
I Realize im new to the site, but id like to request an avatar.
Sagat or Orochi Iori.
Preferably animated.
Thanks Guys!

was bored, made you a quickie:


that didn’t sound right :wonder:, but anyways, you don’t gotta wear it if you don’t want to.

Hey, Thanks.
Ill hold on to it for a while, use it when i get bored with my current one.

I can to make you one that’s animated…if you’re still interested?

note - this is only a sample of my work…since I’m kinda new to this whole tagging thing


Hey thanks man, I appreciate it.

wtf? Not to butt in, but you might want to read the first post in this thread concerning avatar courtesy.

Hey, Thanks.
I had allready read that.
1.I didnt request my current av
2.im waiting a little while before i use the sagat one kid zero made
3.Who am I to turn down a favor from evargung?
If he wants to make me an av, Ill gladly accept.

haha here’s quick prototype…


if you want it, i can make it so you can wear it…just say the word

EDIT: if you want any other variations of Sagat or Iori, animated or still, just say the word…

It’ll be good practice for me.

I like the idea your going for, but 2 things.

  1. Only one Iori please.
  2. Can we have a diffrent font for my name?
    Maby somthing easier to read, but i do like the current one.
    either way, im very happy with it.
    Edit: FYI, I really like the animated Iori gif, and the O.Iori at the end.

haha…here’s the final


EDIT: if you want anything to be tweaked/changed, just say the word

Wow, Nice.
Only thing is the font at the end.
try this: http://www.1001freefonts.com/winfonts/xcelsion.zip

heh heh…


just holla if you want ne thing changed/tweaked

Sorry man.
its the font again.
everything else works really well though.:wgrin:

Avs take a lot of time, and you’re really giving evargnug the run around. Tell him what font you want, and he’ll give it to you. If you read the couresy thread well, then you would’ve read the part that says to be specific to get what you want and that saying “I’ll wear the av when I get tired of this one” is not cool. Not to attack you dude, but I just want to help you out before someone who does want attack you does so. Just helping out. :smile:

I understand that, and i thank you for your concern, but if you look up about 3 post, youl see a link to the font i asked for.
as for the “Ill wear it till i get tired of the old one”, understand what i ment by that:
when i said that to kidzero, i was unaware of the policies of av requests (which ill admit was my mistake in the first place).
The v for vendeta was givin to me by seth and i was only gonna wear it till someone came through with my request, but THEN I read the rules and was like “aww crap, i screwed up on this one.”, at which point kidzero submitted his av.
in a week or so ill decide on which av ill put on next. theyl all get cycled in and out at a constant rate, I just want to avoid conflict on the subject.
glad i got that all straighted out.
And thanks, murt.

Hey guys, don’t have to argue…really, don’t worry about me–I’m a total noob at this, so any criticisms bad or good can only help me more at this point…

  • About the font, yeah uumm…the little white parts around the text are weird because when the av is in imageready, it looks perfect. However, when I post the av on SRK, it gets hella ugly. I’ll fix it though.

  • whoops–totally overlooked the link for that font, sry dude

EDIT: Uuhhh…about the link for fonts…which font? The one on the buttons?

updated…again lol


Forget my font, This is kicks its ass.
You rock, my friend.

np, man